List of the Best Online IT Schools for you as the best choice

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For your information, there are so many best online IT schools nowadays. For those who want to learn IT or Information Technology, you do not need to come to the campus every day or in other words, you can do it online.

Take College Courses Online at Home

You can apply for online college which offers you IT degree programs. the difference between online college and offline is that you can do your assignments or attending classes from your home using your computers.

Usually, online schools are meant for those working-people or for housewives who cannot leave their children alone at home. You do not need to worry about the accreditation because these days, there are so many great schools which can offer you online degree programs.

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If you are interested in taking online IT courses but do not know which college to apply, keep on reading this article. We will be giving you lists of best online IT schools. Make sure to make notes!

Penn State World Campus

Located in Pennsylvania, this university is established in 1998 and enroll almost 18.000 students in all of their programs. Pen State World Campus offers online courses specialized in IT with two concentrations; in Integration and Application; and in Information Systems: Design and Development. The IT degree online requires 125 credit hours, and includes the following core courses:

•    Information, People, and Technology

•    Organization of Data

•    Networking and Telecommunications

•    Language, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics

•    Information and Organizations

•    Foundations of Human-Centered Design

•    Information Sciences and Technology Integration and Problem Solving

Arizona State University

The next best online IT school is located in Tempe, Arizona. This university is also known as the school of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering.

Arizona State University offers IT degree programs which have three specializations; Networking and Computer System Security; Information Systems; and Enterprise Computing. The IT degree programs require 120 credit hours, and includes the following core courses:

•    Foundations of Information and Computer System Security

•    Network Information Communication Technology

•    Leading the Enterprise

•    Web Programming for Human-Computer Interface

•    Wireless Networking

•    Enterprise Planning and Implementation

University of Massachusetts Lowell

The next best online IT school is located in Lowell. The University of Massachusetts Lowell or UMass Lowell is known for its Division of Online and Continuing Education. Meaning that this University is very welcoming and open for those non-traditional students.

The IT degree program prepares students for a variety of careers in the IT field and develops a strong foundation in IT theory and practice. Students can also choose to pursue one of four focus areas, such as Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences; Management; or Math, Science, and Engineering.

The IT degree program requires 120 credit hours, and includes the following core courses:

•    Computer Ethics

•    Technical and Scientific Communication

•    Discrete Structures I

•    C Programming

•    Project-Based Information Systems

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Those are the top three best online IT schools which you can apply. These top three Universities will ensure your career as long as you fulfill the credit requirement and master the program. Each of these Universities has its own requirement and specialized programs so you need to choose wisely. Good luck!

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