These Fully Accredited Online Colleges Might Scratch That Educational

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Online colleges come in many varieties these days, starting from the fully accredited online colleges, to colleges that are still a bit ‘lacking’ in terms of credibility. To help you find the best of those colleges, we have created this list of several colleges that we think are the best of the accredited ones.

These Fully Accredited Online Colleges Might Scratch That Educational

While we could find a lot of websites that tell you about those colleges, those websites are mostly too shallow. Unlike those websites, we will give you a bit more detailed explanation on the colleges that we recommended to help you get a quick look at them.

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Without further ado, let us begin with the first college that we recommend to you: the Waldorf University

The Waldorf University is for those who are looking for a best-reviewed learning experience

If we need to bring students’ review into the fray, Waldorf University would definitely be the place that we recommend. Why? Because this university is already accredited by the regional accrediting agency in the mid-west region of the USA, it has good reviews, AND it is cheap.

It got like 100% rating in many review websites (all of them being students’ review, of course). You only got to pay like $8,700 for its annual tuition fee, which is dead cheap.

Norwich University is the best place if you want to learn in a non-profit college

Some fully accredited online colleges that are non-profit are often sumptuous. Most of their annual tuition fee range from $6.000 to about $60,000, which is never good because how on earth a non-profit college can ask for that amount of money?

Fortunately, the next college that we are going to recommend you is not like that. You see, a non-profit online college works to better the society, to improve the academic environment for the people. That is what Norwich University does.

It has a high rating of 79% in many review websites and is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. Through Institutions of Higher Education.

If you have served in the army and you want to avoid prejudice, the University of Maryland is the best university for you

Already in the military? Want to study in a university that has strong military communities? Or want to have military-affiliated friends? The next college that we chose is one of the fully accredited online colleges with the highest score in terms of military friendliness.

That next college is the University of Maryland. It has a military friendly score of 99.49 and an average annual tuition fee of $14,970. This university is accredited by MSCHE.

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If you take a look at the tuition fee, of course it is not as cheap as you would have liked. That expensive price comes with one perk, though, which is military-friendly. Most campuses are often prejudiced with army folks because they always think the force as an entity that does not fall in line with their ideology.

The University of Maryland is one of the best fully accredited online colleges that provides army folks with a safe haven from the prejudice, making it the perfect place if you are a staunch supporter of the army or if you are a part of the force.

Those are the universities that we recommend to you based on several different categories and needs. We hope that this article on the best fully accredited online colleges can help you find the best online college for you.

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