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Fully accredited online universities are suitable for those who do not have enough time to go to a college but still want to have a degree. There is some recommended online college out there. Below is the recommendation of accredited online universities that can be your reference.

All universities below are accredited by agencies which are recognized by the Department of Education. All of the degrees are given by the universities themselves or manually researched and verified by using the official website of the online universities.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University offers 12 online graduate degrees and 28 online undergraduate degrees. Moreover, this university also partners with more than 2.500 organizations in order to offer a 10% tuition discount for professional workers.

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From 160 students who already studied at Columbia Southern University, 80% recommend this university. This university provides 2 track schedules so that the students can be flexible when they start their courses.

The dates of Track A and Track do overlap but those 2 track schedules have different start dates as well as end dates. So that it is still flexible for the students.

Columbia Southern University also offers a program that is named LifePace Learning. This LifePace Learning program offers more flexibility where the students can finish their courses within 4 weeks or extend them up to 18 weeks.

The tuition fee is $300 per credit hour for graduate degrees and $225 per credit hour for undergraduate degrees. Those tuition fees include textbooks for online students.

Southern New Hampshire University Online

63% of 282 students recommend Southern New Hampshire University Online. This online university provides vast options of online programs. It offers 99 bachelor’s degree programs and 86 master’s degree programs. Southern New Hampshire University Online is suitable for you who need a lot of online program options to choose from.

The online courses are able to be accessed 24/7. This online university also provides some facilities especially for online students, such as an online library, tutoring services, bookstore, and also technical support.

For a transfer student, Southern New Hampshire University Online offers a policy which allows up to 90 credits to be applied to undergraduate programs. The tuition fee is quite affordable, which is $11,520 per year for undergraduate programs.

California Coast University

In its online module, California Coast University offers 13 undergraduate degree programs, 14 graduate degree programs, and 16 certificate or diploma programs. 90% of 61 different students recommend this university. Isn’t it enough to make California Coast University be in your list?

Fully certificate and online degree programs do not have any meeting times or group projects. The students are also not required to be in the college or join exams on specific dates.

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California Coast University offers academic credits too for work experiences or training for professionals who wish to have a degree. For the graduate degree programs, it costs around $230 to $290 per credit hour depends on the program taken.

Those are the recommendation of fully accredited online universities.

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