6 Recommendations of Library Science Online Degree

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Are you looking for a library science online degree to support your study and online college? In this digital era, finding books for references is not difficult. Aside from going directly to the library in your school or town, digital libraries are also available by only turning on your gadgets.

6 Recommendations of Library Science Online Degree

Some of them are even highly recommended for the completed literature collections and great services. Well, if you want to visit a library science online degree, here is the list.

World Digital Library

World Digital Library does not only provide newly released books but also the old books, ancient manuscripts, documents, and photos. Well, historians may love this place so much.

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You can even search them by using a certain event for the reference. There are more than 16,000 archives to look for and read through this worldwide digital library.


Bartleby provides various books and journals to read online. The main purpose of Bartleby of being established is to provide information. Meanwhile, this digital library is also really helpful for you who conduct research and observations.

It is really easy to access without too many requirements. Meanwhile, all the people can just be the members and they can read all the books for free. Interestingly, the collections of the library are including novels, short story collections, comics, and other types of fiction books.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg,This digital library site offers more than 54,000 books to access and read for free by all people. The founders of the library also intend it to support people’s studies and non-commercial programs.

There are some ways to enjoy the books in Project Gutenberg. All of the books can just be read directly. Meanwhile, some others are possible to download due to the copyright.


iJakarta,This digital library is not only a place to enjoy books in an online way. It features an app to enable visitors to communicate with each other. Sure, you can discuss the book you read as well through this feature. Similar to the digital libraries mentioned above, there are a thousand collections available in Jakarta. Some of them are able to download for free while some others are not. Even the old books are able to enjoy in this library.


Bookmate is an e-book site with subscribing concept to ease all visitors to read via all devices. They are including PC, tablet, and Smartphone. Some of the collections can be accessed for free indeed.

However, there are also the paid ones in which you can pay the cost through the debit and credit cards, PayPal, App Store, E-Money service, and more. Bookmate provides more than 850,000 books in various genres and it cooperates with more than 600 publishers in the world.


Ibiblio is a digital library in which the establishment is cooperated with many schools and universities in the US. Not only books but they are documents and software that are beneficial for study and education.

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Meanwhile, it features a search engine in which you can find the books only by typing the keywords you want. Even if you are looking for terms in particular fields of study, the library enables you to access them.

We gained a lot of ease in today’s digital era. Included in the study online You can search the literature of the study who are you learn by leveraging
a library science online degree easily and not have to pay an expensive fee.

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