5 Regionally Accredited Online Colleges to Apply

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Regionally accredited online colleges offer you quality lecture and management, as well as the costs, tend to be cheaper. Undeniably, the online college is demanded more by people recently due to its practicality.

5 Regionally Accredited Online Colleges to Apply

Particularly for them who cannot join the full-time college, this alternative is more promising. Moreover, it offers programs, facilities, and diploma that are almost the same as the offline ones. So, from all the Regionally accredited online colleges, which are recommended and affordable?

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Great Basin College

Great Basin College, is one of the state and public colleges in the US with numerous positive reviews. Interestingly, even online programs also find a high rating. Even Niche.com mentions this college as the “Best Online College”.

There are some programs offered under the categories of 13 associate degrees, 7 bachelor’s degrees, and other programs with certificates. There are some programs that are considered the best and demanded the most by applicants. They are in the areas of education and nursing. For the tuition, each student may pay for around $2,805 until he or she graduates.

Brigham Young University

This university is located in Idaho, founded by the community of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since the university was established by the charity institution, it is non-profit with more than 17,000 students.

The new programs currently offered are the online programs with specifications as follow; 6 associate degrees, 13 bachelor’s degrees, and 13 other programs with certificates.

Meanwhile, the study programs include the areas of Business Management, Public Health, Web Design and Development, and still more. To join the online program at Brigham Young University, the tuition is approximately $3,830.

Western Governors University

Another non-profit university with online programs is Western Governors University. The university is considered one of the best providers of online college as well as it has been accredited. So, what are the programs offered by this college, they are bachelor’s degrees and other programs in some fields.

The fields are science, nursing education, marketing management, software development, and still many more. Are you in the area of Salt Lake City and interested in joining the program, the tuition is around $6,000.

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University is a public and state university that provides both offline and online programs. It has been accredited since 2011 and until now, the college has been chosen by students to study particularly if they want online programs.

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It provides various areas for the online programs conducted. They are Arts and Humanities, Medical Assisting, Accounting, Nursing, Business, Management and more. To join the online college until the last, it needs about $6,100.

Minot State University

Minot State University, The university is located in North Dakota and it is known as the third largest institution for educational master in the area. The university is one of many universities in the US with online master programs.

Some of the online programs are special education, information system, human services international business, and more. Aside from being focused on master degrees, the bachelor’s degrees are also available recently. Well, how is about tuition? It is around $6,390.

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