4 Top Accredited Online Colleges

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Learning psychology is a great thing. There are also some jobs which need an expert psychologist. The problem is that sometimes you don’t have enough money and time to achieve the degree. To accommodate your need, you need to use an online college. Here, we want to show you the top accredited online colleges.

4 Top Accredited Online Colleges

University of Florida

The first online university you can choose to learn about psychology is the University of Florida. Until today, there are around 1.500 students who learn psychology. This is the reason why the psychology program at this university is considered as the most popular program.

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By joining the online course, you are not only learning the theory but also the application to prepare you to achieve a variety of career. You have to finish 120 hours of credit

Oregon State University

This university is included on the list of top accredited online colleges. This university was built in 2002. Students are allowed to take an online course and achieve their bachelor’s degree. Interestingly, US News and World Report ranked Oregon State University in number 7 as the best online bachelor’s degree program.

There is no significant difference between an online student and on-campus student. You still have to learn a variety of theories in psychology along with developing skills in research, statistic, and many more. The programs are including abnormal psychology, social psychology, and many more. There is also an internship program with specific institutions in the local areas.

Colorado State University

You can study at Colorado State University if you love research. You are not only learning about the theory but also the important skills to achieve a better career in the future. You have a chance to learn more about organizational psychology, psychological measurement, and many others.

What makes this university is worth it is that they provide a small online class. An online class consists of 21 students. You can also make fun interaction with the other students to discuss the topic related to the subject.

University of Central Florida

You will achieve a bachelor of science in psychology after graduating from this university. There are several reasons why the University of Central Florida is included on the top accredited online colleges. Let say, this university has a lot of students and some of them are successfully graduated.

Moreover, you are about to study in the second largest university in the US. The online program is designed for all students around the states except Minnesota and Oregon. You just have to study for 2 years and complete some subjects including foreign language, biology, statistics, and human sciences.

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You also have to learn more on research method on psychology, clinical psychology, and cognitive psychology. The thing you need to consider before achieving a bachelor’s degree in psychology is that you have to make sure that you are joining a trusted university.

One of the ways is by choosing a university listed on the top accredited online colleges. Those accredited colleges have following the rules and standard as a good university so they can transfer the knowledge to the students well.          

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